Hi everyone, 

After more than 11 years at the Electricity Authority, I am moving on to pursue other opportunities in 2022. I'm signing off from my role as product owner, a designer, and an admin of EMI.  

It has been a privilege to help bring this platform to life for the Authority and our stakeholders and to champion the role of open data and evidence-based policy. EMI has and continues to inform policy development and decision making within the industry. It provides insights, supports innovation, and enables others to monitor market performance. Ultimately, it enhances transparency and confidence in the evolving electricity market.  

Thanks to my colleagues for all your hard work in helping to develop the content and system – keep it up! A big thanks to our many EMI users, members (nearly 1000), and API subscribers for supporting this platform and our initiatives.

Happy holidays and all the best for 2022!

Matthew Keir