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Please see below for a copy of the COVID-19 Authority update that appeared in Market Brief this morning. As noted in the update, the Authority, including the EMI team, are like everybody else facing unprecedented challenges and pressures as we accommodate different working circumstances.

The EMI team will continue to keep the EMI reports and datasets up to date, respond to EMI forum posts, and answer emails arriving in the EMI inbox. However, as the team juggle work with family and personal needs, there may be times when we are unable to respond as promptly as we usually do.

We ask that you continue to send us your questions and comments, even if our response takes a little time. But most of all we ask that you do all you can to stay healthy and look after those around you.




COVID-19 Authority update

We are all facing new challenges as we move into an Alert 4 environment. We appreciate there will be pressures and we need to accommodate these different working circumstances.

The Authority is working remotely and we will continue to operate in our role as the regulator of the electricity industry. Our systems are set up and we have all the right technology to work from home and connect with each other and our stakeholders.

Our people are our priority and we need to make sure they are doing everything they need to do right now to protect themselves and their families, and to plan for living in an Alert 4 environment.

We will continue to work with our service providers to make sure they have everything in place to manage this extraordinary situation and to discuss alternative audit and reporting requirements. 

We do not want to add to the stress on businesses or individuals right now. We will take a practical approach to support the system and give assurance to the industry and to all New Zealanders.

We will continue to carefully monitor the market and respond if need be. We have the right systems in place to manage any situation.

Staying connected

It’s important we stay connected and we continue to communicate key updates including work progress, consultations and other important information. The latest updates are listed below.

We will continue to use Market Brief, our website and social channels to stay connected and send updates.

In the meantime, please take care and email us if you have any questions.

E: info@ea.govt.nz

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