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Markh posted this 15 March 2024


Do you have a data dictionary / document describing what data you have available including a description of each of the data elements and their data types? Also the frequency of when the data is updated and made available would be useful. We are interested in both actual/historical data and forecasts. Looking for a description of the data you have available in the wholesale datasets and also any other data you would have available that we'd be able to access automatically via a download script or via a tool such as Azure Storage Explorer. 

Thanks in advance for anything you can provide.



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Phil Bishop posted this 18 March 2024

Hi Mark

The short answer is no, we do not have a comprehensive data dictionary.

It is our intention to prepare and maintain such a document (or webpage) but it never seems to get to the top of the priority list. That said, the datasets we publish are generally described - see GDX files or Nodal prices and volumes, and the column names in the files are, for the most part, self-explanatory. In some cases, the dataset description does define the columns - see Forecast prices or Dispatch energy prices.   

Ngā mihi 


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Markh posted this 18 March 2024

Thank you Phil for your quick reply, I really appreciate it. Yes some good descriptions on the example links you've provided.