Data on bidding price by various generators - daily offer stack

  • Last post 19 September 2023
singas posted this 14 September 2023

Hello Community admins and members,

Where can I find the daily offer stacks with price bands (with technology type) by trading periods as shown in the EA trading conduct report on Figure 14, Page 10 here

Thank you



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Phil Bishop posted this 14 September 2023

The short answer is that you can't. Modifying this report to include the ability to filter on generator station names and technology types has been on our TODO list for some time. In the meantime, you could try filtering down to the node level if you know which plant exist at each node.   

singas posted this 15 September 2023

Unfortunately, on switching to Node option from Island/New Zealand option, returns no data at any selected nodes (where generation plants are located)



Phil Bishop posted this 19 September 2023

Okay, thanks for that. The impact of real-time pricing (introduced on 1 Nov last year) is clearly still causing issues with some of our reports that we need to fix. For now, we have turned off the 'Node' option on the Region type parameter.

We will restore it when we rebuild the report to include generator/technology detail mentoned above.