Date format change in metered data files (from march 2022)

  • Last post 29 January 2023
msouness posted this 29 January 2023

Hi there,

Interested to understand the rationale for change of date format for the metered data from March 2022 onwards.

Prior to then it was DD/MM/YYYY, and after it was YYYY-MM-DD.



Guy Ross posted this 29 January 2023

Hi Malcolm,

YYYY-MM-DD is the unambiguous, ISO standard. We've done a fair bit of work migrating to a common data platform recently, and as part of that, all of our exported datasets will (or should) now align with this standard.

We receive things in all formats, so I appreciate more than many the inconvenience changing date formats can cause, but going forward, (and where practical, backward), this format should be consistent across EMI datasets.

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