EMI offers files not updating 16 July 2017 - resolved

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dwaterworth posted this 16 July 2017

Good Morning

The Offers files seem to have stopped being published from the 14th, they're normally available around 8am every morning but the last file was on Friday the 14th (containing the offers for the 13th)



Phil Bishop posted this 17 July 2017

Hi Dave - those missing files (bids and offers for 14, 15 and 16 July) should appear very soon. Data for 17 July should appear at the usual time tomorrow - I will keep an eye on things.

Now is probably a good time to give you a heads up that we will very soon be re-publishing all daily bids and offers CSV files. We will announce this on the EMI forum once we have finished all our tests and the switchover dates are locked in. We will run the old and the new in tandem for a week or two so that users have time to migrate their scripts. A mapping of the old column names to the new will be provided. There are some known issues with the current CSVs that will be corrected. Part of the preparations for this changeover is what has caused the glitch with the current publishing arrangement.


Cheers, Phil.

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