EMI real-time data: 401 return code

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Loxley posted this 05 February 2021

Hi all,


Starting from this afternoon at around 16:50, I've been getting "401" status codes when trying to use the EMI real-time data API endpoint.


This is the exact returned value:


{ "statusCode": 401, "message": "Access denied due to invalid subscription key. Make sure to provide a valid key for an active subscription." }


I've successfully been using this API endpoint, with my subscription key, since the middle of last year.

The Profile page's Subscriptions section (https://emi.portal.azure-api.net/developer)  indicates  the subscription is active.

I've tried both Primary and Secondary key, with the same result.

I've also tried refreshing a key, with the same result.

For reference, here is the API in question:



I realise there have been some policy changes to the ICP API endpoint (as per this discussion: https://forum.emi.ea.govt.nz/thread/api-management-policy-change-icp-connection-data-api/ ), but the message described there (essentially throttling call rates ) is different to the return code and message I'm experiencing (access denied due to invalid key). 

Is there an API change that I'm not aware of?

Has anyone else been experiencing the same 401 issue?

Is this a known issue, and is there an eta on resolution?


Many thanks and kind regards,




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chillr posted this 06 February 2021

Hi Duncan, yes same issue started for me yesterday 1650 onwards.

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agsense posted this 06 February 2021

Same here.  Am wondering if it is a Microsoft Azure cloud service issue ...

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Matthew Keir posted this 08 February 2021

Hi everyone,

Great to see that you are all active using the API. Unfortunately, the EMI real-time data product is no longer available. We advised back in November it would be disestablished and replaced by a new API. The new and old API ran in parallel to allow users to migrate their scripts and the old one was originally due to be turned off in December. This timeline was extended after a couple of people asked for more time. The registered email addresses of active users were emailed a week prior to it being decommissioned last week.


Anyway - jump in and subscribe to the new wholesale market prices product. This has improved performance and access to more information.



Loxley posted this 08 February 2021

Hi Matthew,


Thanks for the reply and clarification. Not sure why I missed the email notification! I'll be sure to update and use the new, unified Wholesale market prices API instead.


Kind regards,


chillr posted this 10 February 2021

Thanks Matthew,  FYI - I don't seem to have received an email notification in November.

With the new 'Real-time dispatch' API I can get data okay but with the new 'Real-time prices' API no matter what I try it only returns [].

Is it working okay for others?

Matthew Keir posted this 10 February 2021

Hi Chillr,

There was a small issue with the real-time prices API at our end - we've kicked it into action. Thanks for posting.



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