ICP connection data v2 - Meter Type 'Undetermined'

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kieranT posted this 27 March 2024

When attempting to access ICP connection data via the EMA API, some results return with Meter Type 'Undetermined'. I know that several of these are smart meters. What is the reason for the 'Undetermined' category?

Thanks for your help

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Guy Ross posted this 27 March 2024

I assume you're looking at a non-meter component type. The complete list of component types is:
M - Meter,
C - CT (Current Transformer),
V - VT (Voltage Transformer),
D - Data Storage Device,
L - Control Device 

The meter type field is only mandatory for meter component type M (Meter). 
We simply pass through whatever value is held in the registry, but as far as I can tell, there are no M (Meter) component types that don't have the meter type populated.

Meter type values can be one of:

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kieranT posted this 03 April 2024

Thanks Guy, do you know what those Meter Type values (HHR, NHH, PP) stand for?

Guy Ross posted this 04 April 2024

HHR = Half Hourly
NHH = Non Half Hourly
PP = Prepaid (Legacy - functionally surpassed using smart meters). 

For more information about the values returned by this API feel free to refer to the registry functional specification here (Section 1.4, ICP attributes) 
Note for various reasons, not all attributes are returned by the API.