Lines Companies and Area Codes

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andymac94 posted this 06 October 2020

Where can I find a list of lines/network companies including embedded networks with their respective Area codes (2 digit number) ?


e.g. Orion "56"


All lists I've found don't include the area code.

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Matthew Keir posted this 06 October 2020

Hi Andy,

I'm not sure what 'area codes' you are referring to?

If you are talking about our network reporting regions (NRRs) the codes are often in the data you'll download. For example:

There are only 39 of these regions though.

For network participants (ie companies) we use their four-letter participant identifier. These are available when you select Network Participant in the region parameter. For example:

A full list of participant identifiers, e.g ORON = Orion New Zealand Limited, is available at the following location:

I hope that is helpful. Any additional context you can provide will help us to answer your question.



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andymac94 posted this 06 October 2020

Hi Matthew,


Thanks for that information. I'm not sure what the correct terminology is, but with the systems I'm using we need to distiguish between areas within a Network. If I can give you an example with Powerco POCO


POCO Powerco - Tauranga 45 POCO Powerco - Thames Valley 44 POCO Powerco - Western A 21 POCO Powerco - Western B 22


So powerco has 4 "areas" (if that's the temninology??)  numbed 21,22,44,45.


or If I take  Embedded networks I see these 4 letter codes but also sequential numbers


PPNZ Precinct Properties Holdings 107 PSPI PSPIB Waiheke Inc 108 TRCL Graphite Management 101 TTSR Twenty Two Stoddard Road



So who or what allocates these sequential numbers and is their a maintained list ?

Maybe it's the retailers themselves that allocate them as I guess the networks don't need to.


Cheers, Andy

Matthew Keir posted this 07 October 2020

Hi Andy,

Sorry, I'm not going to be much help here. It'd be useful to know what the source of the information is, as that may help to know what you are looking at.

Below NRR's we use NSPs as in the NSP table. If you filter by POCO, you'll see 30 connections to the grid and the 5 NRR we have split them into, Tauranga (Powerco), Thames Valley (Powerco), Taranaki (Powerco), Wanganui (Powerco), Manawatu (Powerco), Wairarapa (Powerco).

If you look at the embedded networks you listed you'll see below. It also might be worth looking at the balancing areas too.

The ids could be something to do with distribution pricing regions within their network, so it could be worth looking at some of that?

Otherwise, some of our other members may be able to help.



msouness posted this 08 October 2020

Suspect these are be client specific ID's - likely from billing engine network data tables.

andymac94 posted this 08 October 2020

yes I think you're correct, examples are probably from Gentrack billing engine, all Retailers using Gentrack seem to use these same "Area Codes" so best I contact Gentrack. Thanks.