EMI dataset changes – Minor change to the data types in the offers file

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Phil Bishop posted this 27 May 2020

Hi all

Back in March 2020 we added the FOGP column to the offers files that we publish in EMI datasets. At the same time, we changed the process for generating the CSV file and inadvertently introduced some unnecessarily bulky data types. We would now like to correct that and enforce a data type convention in place of the default process.

Consequently, on Thursday 25 June 2020 the structure of the offers file will be slightly different. See the attached file for a comparison of the current structure with the structure that will go live on 25 June. For the avoidance of doubt, the file published on 25 June will contain data for 24 June.

The change will modify the date/time fields to remove about seven unnecessary zeroes and a bunch of numeric fields that contain blanks for some records will no longer be enclosed in double quotes. The file size (KB) will also reduce by about 25%.



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Walla posted this 27 May 2020

Excelent thanks Phil


Phil Bishop posted this 24 June 2020

Hi all - just a reminder that this change will be implemented tonight.

nzpower posted this 25 June 2020

hi - are historical files going to be updated with the new format ?

Phil Bishop posted this 25 June 2020

Yes, we can do that but it won't be for a couple of months as we have too much other work going on at the moment. At the end of August we'll announce on what day the offer files from 20 March 2020 until 23 June 2020 will get rebuilt.


Phil Bishop posted this 03 September 2020

The changes discussed above that will cause file sizes to be reduced will occur this afternoon. This means that all offers files between the dates of 20 March and 23 June 2020 will be republished.