NZTM coordinates for ICPs (GPS coordinates)

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Matthew Keir posted this 30 June 2016

The registry contains fields to record coordinates of ICPs. Each distributor responsible for ICPs is able to populate these fields and we strongly encourage them to do so. However, populating them is not mandated in the Code.

Some users of the ICP connection data API are keen to utilise this locational information and might expect the information to be available for all ICPs. The following table shows the proportion of ICPs that have these fields populated as at 30 June 2016. It is great to see some distributors leading the way here. These networks provide a good opportunity to prototype any application that uses the API and requires this information.

Geocoded ICPs at 30 June 2016

Geocoded ICPs 30 June 2016

Guidance for the population of these fields in the registry is provided here and attached.

We also publish related material:

  • NZTM coordinates for all NSPs (GXPs etc) in the NSP table.
  • Shapefiles for various network defined regions.

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Matthew Keir posted this 17 January 2017

Update: 18.7% of ICPs have NZTM coordinates at 31 December 2016.

Matthew Keir posted this 04 October 2018

Update: Not much change, 18.6% of ICPs have NZTM coordinates at 4 October 2018.

Well done to those distributors who have populated these fields, the information is being used!

Matthew Keir posted this 17 July 2019

Update: At 30 June 2019, 38% of ICPs had GPS coordinates populated in the registry.

It's great to see Vector jumping on board (also with United Networks). Northpower still holds the prize for the elusive 100% score.

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