The Authority contracts out market service provider roles including one for the Wholesale Information Trading System (WITS). Amongst other functions, the WITS system publishes a range of wholesale market prices and schedules. To date, this system has not facilitated access to price information through an API. The Market Analytics team at the Authority stood up a low-cost solution for a real-time price API back in May 2016 to help demonstrate and promote the need for one - especially in relation to promoting innovation in energy services.    

In August last year, we wrote about the efforts underway to develop a pricing API from WITS. The good news is a proof of concept (PoC) API has now been set up to help get feedback on the final system design. We invite you to take a look and post comments below or respond directly to the WITS manager.

For more information and to access the WITS API follow the link below:

Please provide comment by 12 April 2019.

The PoC may come down at this point.

More information on the Authority project to shift market settlement to real-time pricing is available here.