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Phil Bishop posted this 30 July 2018

There has been some discussion on this forum lately about our real-time price API – see here and here for example. The sentiments expressed in these posts are not new. Over two years ago we were having very similar discussions. In particular, see here. I would draw your attention to bullet #4 to explain why our API has been a bit unreliable lately. There is actually nothing wrong with our API per se; the problem is that the infrastructure solution that sits between the source of the data and our API is not fit-for-purpose.

The good news, however, is that your complaints and suggestions are being heard. A meeting of the relevant parties has been scheduled for early September 2018 to see how we can get a Wholesale Information Trading System (WITS) API up and running by the end of this year.

Please post to this discussion if you have specific views as to what data you would like to see delivered via an API and in what priority ordering (I’m guessing not everything will be available on day one). Feel free to advise us of any design requirements you deem to be important.

In thinking about the data to be made available via an API, please be guided by what’s currently available on WITS. Perhaps we should target the series that have been discussed on this forum lately – real-time prices (RTP) and some or all of the forecast price series, e.g. PRS?

As was explained in our post over two years ago, standing up APIs was always intended to be part of WITS upgrade programme. Unfortunately it was envisaged as one of the last phases of the upgrade whereas some of us would’ve preferred it be the first. Nonetheless, the fact that you’ve all been vocal about your need for actionable data in a timely manner, delivered via a reliable platform just goes to show that sometimes it really is worth complaining. Making submissions when the Authority consults would be useful too.

Please note that in making this solicitation we, the Market Analytics team, are in no position to be making any promises. The Market Analytics team has long advocated the innovation benefits that come with open data. However, we do not control the purse strings and nor do we make the final decisions on priorities. That said, we have a seat at the table for the meeting in September so can advocate on your behalf if you tell us what you need.

I'm sure that if this WITS API intiative gets going, there will be a formal requirements gathering phase. Telling us what you want here on this forum will help ensure the needs of both the Participant and the non-Participant community don't fall through the cracks and get lost.

Cheers, Phil.


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Dr Zeeshan Bhatti posted this 07 August 2018

Hi Phil,

Its wonderful to have a community leader asking for suggestions and listening to feedback. I recently started exploring EMI APIs and found it lacking in a few ways. At two different instances in last 1.5 months, I couldn't fetch any data from the API, perhaps the API was down? So increased reliability is a must. Also, I would like to see more than types of prices as you mentioned e.g., intermediate, final, short forecast and long forecast. Also, is there a way to offer historical data as API? Electricity Info has some historic data but in CSV format, not as APIs.

Furthermore, can we connect clients directly to EMI API instead of first having to load data into an intermediate cloud storage. How will the authentication be setup for such a scenario? Since we won't want our keys to be in javascript.

Thanks for spearheading this effort! I will be following it closely.

Kinds Regards,


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icepicknz posted this 07 August 2018

Thanks Phil,

For me the highest priority would be stablitiy and as mentioned above, a method for forecasting short term (50 periods) and maybe long term (7 days). Lastly more up to date data, as it stands the 5 min pricing is 15-30 minutes out but the site is more acurate and up to date.

Many thanks

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Andrew posted this 11 August 2018

Thanks Phil. I'd like to echo some of the comments made already. Better uptime for the service and closing the delay on pricing coming through would be great.

Aside from that, the documentation could benefit from some improvement, e.g. schema information (currently only on the ICP service).

The ICP search can be a little frustrating at times because some of the data appears to be inconsistent. It seems to expect street names to be entered exactly, but you can get caught out (e.g. some locations are listed as "Melbourne Street" and others as "Melbourne St", entering "Rd" will not get you "Road" results, etc).

Thanks again.


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daveyr posted this 14 August 2018

From an internal reporting perspective, I would love to be able to call Retail and Wholesale market data directly using an API rather than navigate through the dashboard reports and download separate spreadsheets each time. This would allow automatic updating of our databases and spreadsheets rather than 30 minutes of web browsing each month followed by cutting and pasting.

Specifically, I'm thinking of reconciled demand, market share snapshots and grid demand trends.

Great initiative to ask for improvement suggestions. I look forward to an expanded API.



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