PNODE_UNITS attached to each PNODE_NAME

  • Last post 05 July 2018
Splodge posted this 05 July 2018

Hi All,

I am trying to set up curves for Energy Offer data split between the different units within each connection point. I have extracted all the POC codes from the network supply points table, but I was hoping that there might be an equivalent that identifies the unit(s) within each POC code too. Is any such list available anywhere?

Phil Bishop posted this 05 July 2018

Hi there

I assume you're working with the files found at ..\Datasets\Wholesale\BidsAndOffers\Offers\ when you say the 'Energy Offer' data? If so, you can just load the offer data into a database and then build a mapping of PointOfConnection codes to Unit codes. Bear in mind that you will find some POCs have no Units at them and in other cases there will be more than one Unit per POC.

If you're referring to some other source of data, can you please be specific about what you're referring to.