Residential market share data

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Alerom2992 posted this 29 April 2019


I would like to pull Market Share data for residential only. You already have a good market share data, but there is no option to filter Residentials only.


I've tried to use the following parameter but doesn't seem to work:


I use python to pull the data from your website directly:


var =
var = var.strftime('%Y%m%d')
url1 = ''+var+'&RegionType=NWK_REPORTING_REGION_DIST&RegionCode=All&_rsdr=ALL&_si=v|4'

F = pd.read_csv(url1, skiprows=12)

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Matthew Keir posted this 29 April 2019

Hi Aerom2992,

This is a relatively simple one - you aren't able to get the data you are asking for because the data does not exist for the time period you have requested it.

More information is in note 5 accompanying the report.

Further discussion on this forum on this method is available here. Please be aware that using this method will likely result in it breaking from time to time, as changes to the website and associated processes occur.

To avoid EMI identifying you as a bot, you should sign in with your account when scripting downloads. If your session identifies you as a bot, you'll only be able to get the default parameters, which is cached data. This way we protect our underlying infrastructure from excessive and needless load, and we can make contact with you if your load becomes an issue.

For the benefit of others reading this, market share information is available for all connections in retail datasets.



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