Running vSPD on Linux

  • Last post 07 July 2017
bfung posted this 06 July 2017

Hi all, I was just wondering what changes need to be made to vSPD to have it run on Linux, is it just the file paths? Or is there already a Linux version somewhere? 

Thanks a bunch

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Phil Bishop posted this 07 July 2017

The short answer is yes, it's just file paths.

vSPD is a GAMS-based model. Hence, unless you use vSPD-online, it is necessary to purchase a GAMS license in order to be able to run the vSPD model. A Unix/Linux installation of GAMS is available - see here for installation instructions.

The GAMS language is designed to be platform agnostic so the vSPD codes should run on a Linux system just fine (although we have not tested this). However, file paths will require editing as you move from a Windows to a Unix/Linux/OSX environment, i.e. the backslashes will need to be substituted with forward slashes.

Hopefully this is not too onerous a task as we have specified the vSPD folders to be relative to the folder where the vSPD codes exist - see the code snippet below from the vSPD configuration file called

In addition, wherever a vSPD output file is specified, the backslashes in the file path will require editing. In most cases this should be readily searchable as the backslash will be in between two percent signs. For example, consider the following statement from vSPDreport.gms:

File SystemResults    / "%outputPath%\%runName%\%runName%_SystemResults.csv" / ;




bfung posted this 07 July 2017

Good to know Phil, thanks for the answer. I'll try it out and report back, thanks!