Sector analysis of Distributed Generation for Solar

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shareem posted this 24 July 2018


I was looking at the distributed generation split for solar and notice that the Commercial + Industrial + SME + Residential don't add up to the total solar connections/generation capacity.  Is the SME sector also counted in the residential sector as it appears and why?  For all ICPs as of end of June there are 19500 ICP connections and ~ 76 MW.  If you add up all the sectors it is 20 325 ICP connections and 84.3MW.  The difference being 825 ICPs, the amount of SME connections.  How accurate is the SME data?  Thanks


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Matthew Keir posted this 24 July 2018

Hi Shareem,

Thanks for the question. We've tried to cover this off in note 6 that accompanies the report under 'more information'. Market segments are not mutually exclusive. SME connections are just small commercial or industrial connections. This approach is consistent across all EMI reports. Note 6 also describes how we define SME connections in this electricity market context. The ANZSIC codes that are used are populated by traders in the registry. Traders are required to have reasonable processes in place to ensure these remain up to date so the figures should be fairly accurate.

I've copied note 6 below to assist you. When I get time, I will edit the note to make it clearer and hopefully avoid any confusion.

Market segment breakdowns are available from September 2013 when ANZSIC codes were introduced into the registry in a field maintained by the trader. No breakdown is available at NSP level. Market segments are not mutually exclusive. Residential connections have no ANZSIC code. Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) connections are defined as those assigned meter categories 1 and 2 (low voltage up to 500A) with an ANZSIC code excluding those relating to central or local government and other utility services. Industrial connections have ANZSIC code from A through E and commercial connections F through Z. More information on ANZSIC codes is available at



shareem posted this 26 July 2018