Are coordinates for generating stations available?

  • Last post 04 April 2017
Jane Harkness posted this 09 March 2017


We have found a list of existing generation plants here.  Is it possible to get coordinates for these stations?


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Matthew Keir posted this 09 March 2017

Check out the NSP table at the following link. You will be able to find grid connected generating sites in there, they have a GG reconciliation type.

Jane Harkness posted this 03 April 2017

Thanks for that Matthew but unfortunately we still can't get a jioned dataset here, unless we are interpreting something incorrectly.

The existing_generating_plant.xls file has 226 records which is broadly consistent with this statement from MBIE's website "More than 200 generation plants are able to supply electricity to the national grid. Some of the smaller scale generation is ‘embedded’ and feeds directly into local distribution networks."

The Network_supply_points_table has 1745 records but only 115 have a GG reconciliation type.

We tried to do a join on the Node name and POC code variables from the respoctive files as they appeared to be similar at first glance but this wasn't succesful either. Any further suggestions?

We are trying to produce a map similar to that in the PCS's 2014 report on hydroelectricity but with the other renewables (wind, geothermal, biogass) added in.



Matthew Keir posted this 04 April 2017

Hi Jane,

Good to talk to you this morning. As discussed - grid connected generation from the existing generating plant list can be mapped via Node name to point of connection (POC) in the NSP table. This will give you locations for all the grid-connected plant.

Embedded generation is more complex, although you should note that some of this plant is significant in size. Aggregated statistics for embedded generation are available in the installed DG report. You could search the ICP connection data API (or here) for locations of sites - however, only about 19% of connections have GPS coordinates populated currently. It sounds like you won't have time to do this in this instance.