Several EMI reports going offline for a few weeks

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Phil Bishop posted this 12 April 2022

On 20 April 2022 the EMI reports listed below will go offline. Some will be offline for a matter of days while others will potentially be off for some weeks.

We have been transitioning our data platform from SQL Server databases to a Databricks-based Delta Lakehouse over the past several months. Consequently, all of the procedures used to drive the EMI reports have had to be rebuilt and pointed at the Delta Lakehouse. After Easter we are finally going to pull the plug on the SQL Server machine. This means that the last few EMI reports that have yet to be rebuilt will go offline.

In the coming weeks, we will be working to get them back up and operating. Some may even be switched over before the SQL Server machine is decommissioned. First to be restored from the list below are the two win-back reports in the Retail section.

We can prioritise the order of the rest based on demand so if there are reports in the list below that you want to see sooner rather than later, please let us know by posting below.


  • Wholesale price map
  • Business demand trends (also listed in Retail)
  • Vertical integration trends
  • Binding constraints -  binding constraints are available now as a dataset

Forward markets

  • Bid-ask spread trends
  • Market depth (this report hasn't been updating for some time but will restored in the future) 
  • Implied spot price (this report hasn't been updating for some time but will restored in the future)

Dual listed in both Forward markets and Wholesale

  • Location factor map
  • Location factor calculator
  • Physical wholesale position


  • Consumption data request trends
  • Residential consumption (map and chart)
  • Residential consumption league table
  • Consumer choice
  • Market concentration league table
  • Residential savings league table
  • Business demand trends
  • Consumer choice league table
  • Entry and exit
  • Residential consumption trends
  • Win-back indicator summary
  • Win-back indicator trends


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Guy Ross posted this 27 September 2022

The Physical Wholesale Position report is now availble, as are Consumption trends. Other consumption charts should flow through fairly soon.

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  • jofajafa
  • James Tipping
James Tipping posted this 25 September 2022

Hi team, how far away is the new and improved Physical wholesale position report?

If it's still a while away, is there any other report that shows the GWh of energy sales per month, by trader? Thanks! 

Guy Ross posted this 15 September 2022

Retail data for August is now available. Turns out we had a little issue with UTC timing in there.

Consumption data is inching ever closer (Am actively working on that as we type/speak)

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jofajafa posted this 14 September 2022

Hello, two questions from me.  One is just a check-in on the Consumption data availability as mentioned above. The other is that today should be release date for the August retail figures based on the usual update cycle, however the data is not currently available as it would be typically - when can this be expected? Thanks.

Guy Ross posted this 05 August 2022

It's on hold at the moment. That dataset involves drilling down to a lower, less reported, level (individual components of ICP metering installations) that we haven't migrated yet, but you're not the first to request this, so we'll see if we can bump it up the list a bit.

tomato592 posted this 04 August 2022

Hi Phil,

I was wondering if the dataset in retail folder is still updating? It's been two months since last update.


Phil Bishop posted this 20 July 2022

The Residential consumption (map and chart) and Residential consumption league table reports are likely still two or three weeks away. The underlying EIEP1 data is still being wrangled into shape.



daringodber posted this 20 July 2022

Hi, following on from this post I am searching for the below two tables but they still appear to be offiline (three months after this post?). Any news on when they will be available?

  • Residential consumption (map and chart)
  • Residential consumption league table