Accessing spot price data (final pricing)

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Andrew posted this 24 January 2019

What is the normal process for accessing final spot prices? I'm interested in combining my own meter reads with spot data for comparisons.

There is the real time prices API, but this appears to be provisional prices? And as it's in 5 minute intervals it doesn't seem to align well with trading periods.

Then there is the Final prices GDX datasets which I've been able to extract some stuff by using the information that Matthew Keir posted. I've managed to use gdxdump with the 'i_tradePeriodEnergyOffer' symbol, but I'm uncertain about the trdBlk, NRGofrCmpnt columns.

Essentially all I'm after is Date, TP, Node, Price. Is there an easier way to achieve this, or is this what a retailer like Flick would be doing when they show you the spot rate?

Any help appreciated :)

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jofajafa posted this 30 July 2020

Hi Matthew. Just jumping onto this thread as I have an interest in whether Spot price data is accessible by API. Have there been any changes or enhancements to the above in the last 18 months?

And a more general question, is there documentation on what EMI data is available by API, and what those API calls are?


Andrew posted this 30 January 2019

Thanks Matthew, I'll dig into these

Matthew Keir posted this 28 January 2019

 Hi Andrew,

You can either:

(1) Get them from these files using method 3 from These datasets will be being migrated in the not too distant future and the file structure will likely change. We will notify users ahead of any changes.

(2) Use a method similar to that discussed here though understand that this isn't supported (i.e. we reserve the right to change the structure of URLs without notice). You also won't be able to tell the difference between a provisional/interim or final pricing case though. In addition, you’ll need to be logged in to do this and if your load on the website becomes excessive we may block or otherwise restrict access. 

(3) Despite what the Authority website says, you can register for WITS and arrange SFTP read-only access. Best to email our Market Operations team ( to know more about what's available or arrange this access.

We'll keep EMI users informed about our APIs enhancements.

There is also some API development occurring within the WITS system - which will provide the most timely access to data. Hopefully, there will be more news this year on the addition of basic API functionality to the market systems.



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Andrew posted this 25 January 2019

Thanks Matthew,

The wholesale price report is pretty much exactly the data I'm after. Is it possible to get this in a regular automated fashion? I could set something up to get the scrape the csv download link every day, but I'm not sure that would be ideal.

Final pricing in the EMI API would be great.




Matthew Keir posted this 24 January 2019

Hi Andrew,

GDX files contain the inputs to final pricing cases. You can try:

The EMI real-time API only has prices from the real-time price (RTP) and real-time dispatch (RTD) case files. Although this is due for some enhancements this year and we may include final pricing. 

I hope that's useful.